Writing Ebooks: Watch my BlogWorld Session for Free!


You might remember that in early November, I was in L.A. talking at BlogWorld about ebooks.

The lovely BlogWorld folks told me that I can share my session recording here on my blog – hurrah! This is the first video I’ve ever posted on Aliventures, so I hope you enjoy it.

The presentation is on How to Write Ebooks That Practically Sell Themselves 60 minutes long and in it, you’ll learn:

  • How to find out what your audience wants  so that you don’t waste months writing content that nobody will read
  • How to keep your motivation up over the long haul:  If you abandon your ebook halfway, it’s not going to help anyone
  • How to edit and polish your ebook,  because you want to create a great first impression

If you’re thinking of writing an ebook or if you just want to hear my awesome English accent, then watch away. 🙂

Note: this was very much aimed at bloggers, so it’s about non-fiction ebooks sold mainly through a blog. If you’re working on a different sort of ebook/writing project, plenty of the tips will still apply, though.

Just click on the link to watch the video (you can right-click to download it to your computer):

How to Write Ebooks That Practically Sell Themselves


The above video is only one of over 100 recorded sessions from BlogWorld Los Angeles 2011. You can get all of the videos — plus nearly 100 bonus interviews and other bonus content — by picking up the entire Virtual Ticket here: http://www.blogworldexpo.com/virtual-ticket-la-2011/


Quick update: the Blogger’s Guide Charity Sale has already beaten last year’s target! We’ve raised over $800 since Tuesday, with the 3-pack of Guides proving incredibly popular. 

The sale ends at midnight on Sunday, so if you’ve not had a chance to check it out yet, take a look now

And if you’ve already bought an ebook or donated, thank you! I truly appreciate your support. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Writing Ebooks: Watch my BlogWorld Session for Free!

  1. Thanks Ali,

    I enjoyed that. Of course, a lot I knew already, which is to be expected, but you have a way of remembering to include to key points from your experience that we writers need to hear and remember and practice. And there were useful and helpful points I hadn’t thought of in every section.

    I like the audio, which givse my eyes a break from all my reading.

    I thought you did really well speaking. You sounded confident and seemed to be genuinely having fun giving your presentation. To me, that’s up there among life’s more enjoyable moments: a receptive and appreciative audience, a speech when you are feeling good in the midst of it, and some take away value for you too.

    I like the way you present your material–no fluff. You get right to the point, no chatty build up–I noticed that in your freelance course too. Concise but the right points in the right places and enough to make points clear. Good value.

    I have your charity “threesome” and will be reading them soon. I am especially interested in the one on better writing, since I am working one of my own in that subject area, though I haven’t quite settled on my target readership yet. Lots of material, and I’d like to aim at providing some advanced writing instruction (rhetoric and sentence structure), not grammar and spelling and 101 things like that.

    Also, I like the e-junkie option, since sales do not depend so much on a big group of followers on my blog. A way to go early-on.

    Again, well done.

    • Cheers, Bill, very much appreciated. 🙂 I’m really glad you found this useful — I tried to throw in some slightly more advanced stuff, since it was BlogWorld and most people there know the basics.

      Yes, I did enjoy it — even though I was a bit nervous! I was going to speak with notes, but I decided it would be better to just go with the slides (I’d practised twice so I was pretty sure of what I wanted to say). I like to get straight to the good stuff, and I’m glad that worked. 🙂

      I’m not sure how much e-junkie will help with sales — though there is the option to list your products in their store — but it’s an easy and cheap piece of shopping cart software, and one that I always recommend.

    • The video belongs to BlogWorld — and I’m not sure they’d want it shared publicly on YouTube (as, normally, it’s only accessible via the paid-for BlogWorld virtual ticket).

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