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I run several six-week online courses, each with lots of detailed guidance and group support.

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What’s “Real” Writing – and Does Yours Count?

What’s “Real” Writing – and Does Yours Count?

Do you ever worry that your writing doesn’t really “count” somehow? The first time I felt this was back in 2008 – 2009, when I had two major strands to my writing: my freelance blogging that paid the bills, and my fiction that I was writing as part of an MA degree…

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About Ali

I’m an author (of both fiction and non-fiction) and a freelancer, and though you’ll find me writing for a lot of the biggest writing blogs out there, Aliventures is my homebase online where I share articles on the art, craft and business of writing.

I live in Leeds (UK) with my husband and two kids, and I have degrees in English (MA Cantab, from Cambridge University) and Creative & Life Writing (MA, from Goldsmiths College, University of London).

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