Twelve Useful Tools for Freelance Writers

This is the fourth post in our series on freelancing, following on from our posts on reasons to give freelancing a try, mistakes to avoid when starting out and where to find freelance writing jobs.

As a freelance writer, you’re going to need some tools – and having the right ones can make life a whole lot easier.

Obviously, you’ll need access to a computer of some sort, plus an internet connection. You might want a printer, if you need to print documents as part of your freelancing, or if you want to keep paper copies of things like invoices.

Beyond that, though, most of your tools are likely to be software or apps, not physical things.

Some of the best ones I’ve found are these – I’ll start with the most essential (for me, at least!) but everything on the list is well worth a look.

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Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (and Where NOT to Look)

This is the third post in our series on freelancing, following on from our posts on reasons to give freelancing a try and mistakes to avoid when starting out.

Whether you’re just starting out with freelancing or whether you’re in a position where you want to take on more work …. you might be wondering where best to look.

The most obvious freelancing jobs tend to be on sites like Textbroker and Upwork. These can be easy to find and bid on – but they often result in a “race to the bottom” as you’re competing against other freelancers. That means you may end up asking for less money than you should.

Some freelance writers, particularly those new to freelancing, think that these jobs represent “normal” freelance rates. But that’s not true! There are loads of freelancing jobs out there that pay better: you just need to know where to look, and you need to be prepared to put in a little bit of extra work.



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