How to Write When … You’re Bored With What You’re Writing

How to Write When … You’re Bored With What You’re Writing

Title Image: How to Write When ... You're Bored With What You're Writing

Do you ever feel bored with what you’re writing?

As a freelancer, I’d love to say that I’m always 100% enthusiastic about every single topic I write on – but the truth is that some topics are just more interesting than others! Even things I love to write about (like blogging) can seem a bit boring when I’m writing a piece that’s quite similar to 10 other pieces I’ve written in the past. And some writing is frankly uninteresting.

Perhaps you’re freelancing, or working on a homework assignment, or even writing something that you usually enjoy … but that you’re feeling bored of right now.

It can be hard to focus on writing even when you’re engaged, but when you’re bored, it might feel like distractions are almost irresistible. And that’s if you even manage to sit down and write in the first place: just dragging yourself to your computer can be tough if you know you’ve got an hour or two of dull writing ahead.

So what can you do to keep writing? Well, the first thing I’d suggest is to consider…

Internal Conflict: Six Types of Internal Conflict (With Examples)

Internal Conflict: Six Types of Internal Conflict (With Examples)

Title image: Internal Conflict: Six Types of Internal Conflict (With Examples)

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Stories are built on conflict. Without any conflict, there’s not really any story. If Jane Doe gets everything she wanted, without any difficulties, and lives happily ever after, then that’s lovely for Jane, but not very interesting to read about!

When it comes to conflict, it’s easy to get how external conflict works. Perhaps Jane Doe wants a promotion … but a colleague is also going for the same role (character vs character conflict). Then, Jane’s late to work because the bus was cancelled and she had to walk through a snowstorm (character vs environment conflict) … and now her laptop won’t start (character vs technology conflict).

Those are types of conflict that you could see taking place.

But what about the conflict that only takes place inside Jane’s head? The self-doubt – is she really suited to the role? The moral dilemma – should she try to undermine the colleague who also wants the promotion? Those can be just as important a part of the story. And they’re both types of internal conflict.



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