Hello! I’m Ali Luke, and Aliventures is my blog (and newsletter) all about how to make the most of your writing time.

My husband and I live in Leeds with our 11-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. Alongside my freelance writing, I write blog posts, non-fiction ebooks, and fiction: keep reading for more on all of those.

I love writing, but I also love working with writers to help them take their work further. I no longer take on clients for one-to-one mentoring or editorial support, but I’ll soon be launching a new group for writers. Make sure you’re on the newsletter list so you get to hear about that as soon as it’s ready.

What’s Aliventures About?

Aliventures is all about making the most of your writing time, whatever kind of writing you do, and whatever stage you’re at with your writing.

You’ll find specific tips and techniques in posts like The Four Essential Stages of Writing and more motivational content in posts like Eight Secrets Which Writers Won’t Tell You.

I’ve written for lots of popular blogs like Copyblogger, The Write Life, Write to Done, The Creative Penn, Craft Your Content, ProBlogger and Daily Blog Tips. I’ve also written for Writers’ Forum magazine and had short stories published by Writing Magazine.

One of the biggest questions that crops up when I’m working with writers is “How do I find more time for my writing?” If that’s something you’re struggling with, I’ve got a free ebook to help you make time to write: you can find out about it here.

Get Writing (Guide Plus Extras)

My Get Writing guides include detailed guidance on four key areas of writing: blogging, short stories, novels, and freelancing.

For each, you’ll find key tips, a step-by-step four week plan for getting started, and “going further” suggestions to help you take your next steps if you’ve been working in that area of writing for a while.

Get Writing comes with several extras too: checklists for each course, sets of creative writing prompts, a blog post outline template, a printable word count tracker, and more

My Freelancing Courses

 You can book onto my self-paced courses at any time:

  • Start Freelancing: a beginner-friendly course where you’ll set up your website and social media profiles, and get started as a freelancer (we take everything step-by-step).
  • Freelance Confidence: a slightly more advanced course than Start Freelancing, which will help you find clients, market yourself, raise your rates, and much more.

Want (Free) Help With Your Writing?

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You can find out all about the newsletter and the mini-ebooks here.

I publish a new post on Thursdays most weeks on Aliventures, looking at different aspects of writing, and how to make the most of your writing time. I’m always very open to topic suggestions: if there’s a particular question you’d like answered, or a post you’d love me to write, just get in touch.

Aliventures is funded mainly through sales of my ebooks, guides, and courses, and also through a small amount of income from some affiliate partnerships (for products/services that I wholeheartedly recommend). As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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