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I love hearing from readers, especially if you have a comment or suggestion about the blog or newsletter, or about my books.

You can email me (at, or via the form below) or reach out on social media.

I don’t run ads or sponsored posts, and I’m not currently accepting guest posts.

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Do you take guest posts?

Very rarely, and only by personal invitation. Please don’t contact me with a guest post pitch as it’s extremely unlikely I’ll be able to use it.

Will you try out my tool / app / website?

I get so many requests to try out tools / apps / websites / etc, I have to say “no” to all of them. Please don’t contact me asking me to try yours: even if it’s great, I’m afraid I simply don’t have the time!

Can I advertise on your blog?

No, you can’t. I don’t run ads on Aliventures and I don’t accept sponsored posts. I also don’t do joint ventures or similar affiliate promotions.

Can you help me with a writing problem?

I’m always very open to suggestions for questions or problems that I can tackle in the Aliventures newsletter (or, if they’re a bit meatier, on the blog). I’m afraid I can’t offer individual help and support by email, though.

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