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I love hearing from readers, especially if you have a comment or suggestion about the blog or newsletter, or about my books.

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I don’t run ads or sponsored posts, and I’m not currently accepting guest posts.

Quick Answers

Do you take guest posts?

Very rarely, and only by personal invitation. Please don’t contact me with a guest post pitch as it’s extremely unlikely I’ll be able to use it.

Will you try out my tool / app / website?

I get so many requests to try out tools / apps / websites / etc, I have to say “no” to all of them. Please don’t contact me asking me to try yours: even if it’s great, I’m afraid I simply don’t have the time!

Can I advertise on your blog?

No, you can’t. I don’t run ads on Aliventures and I don’t accept sponsored posts. I also don’t do joint ventures or similar affiliate promotions.

Can you help me with a writing problem?

I’m always very open to suggestions for questions or problems that I can tackle in the Aliventures newsletter (or, if they’re a bit meatier, on the blog). I’m afraid I can’t offer individual help and support by email, though.

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Seven Habits of Serious Writers to Help You Go Further

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How to Write When … Your Partner Isn’t Supportive

One really tough issue that I’ve seen coming up over and over again, from lots of different writers, is “My partner doesn’t support my writing.” If you’ve got a spouse or live-in partner who’s unsupportive (or even critical) about you taking the time to write, that can be a huge challenge. (Similarly, if you’re living…

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