Are you a blogger … or would-be blogger?

Can you get to London in the UK for a day?

(Sorry to all the international Aliventures readers, I know this probably rules you out!)

I’ve teamed up with the fantastic Joe Williams of SEO Training to run day-long training workshops on blogging, in a fantastic venue overlooking Hyde Park.

The training is tailor-made for people looking to blog for commercial reasons … so, if you have a small company and you want use blogging to get new customers, or if you have a blog that you want to turn into a business, this is for you.

It’s also perfect for anyone who works for a larger company and wants to add “blogger” to their job description.

What You’ll Get

Whether you book on the introduction or intermediate course, you’ll learn about:

  • The technology of blogging … how to get everything working smoothly.
  • The writing side of blogging … how to write fantastic blog posts that readers will love.
  • The strategic side of blogging … how to use your blog, and your time, effectively.
There are full details of what we cover on each course here:

Small Group Teaching

We only take eight people (max) on each course … so you’re guaranteed plenty of attention, and a chance to ask questions.

Exclusive Training Guide

As well as all the on-the-day training, you’ll get a full guide to take home … packed with information, advice, step-by-step instructions, resource tips, and more. These are exclusive to the day courses, so you can’t get them anywhere else.

Discussions and Exercises

I firmly believe that we learn best through actively engaging with new ideas and information … not through sitting back while the trainer drones on at the front of the room for hours.

On both the introduction and intermediate day, you’ll have the chance to contribute to discussions and to try out practical exercises to get you thinking.

Social Media Too!

If you’re already an experienced blogger (or if you’re not sure that blogging is your thing), then Joe and I are also offering a social media course.

This covers four major networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, with plenty of tips on getting the most out of each. (We also bring in blogging, briefly, to help you get started with that if you want to.)

You can find the social media training details here.

What It Costs

I want to be upfront about this: these focused, small-group courses are designed for people who want to invest in blogging and/or social media training to start or grow their business.

Each day course costs £350 + VAT.

As a small business owner myself, I know it can be tough to find the money for high-quality training … but I also know how much difference great resources have made to my own business.

If the price tag is out of your reach right now, why not pop this on your calendar for 2013?

Upcoming Dates

The next course dates are:

  • October 18th: Social Media
  • October 22nd: Blogging Introduction
  • October 23rd: Blogging Intermediate
  • November 15th: Social Media
  • November 26th: Blogging Introduction
  • November 27th: Blogging Intermediate

Head on over to the SEO Training site to get all the details, and to book.

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to pop a comment below!

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