Extra Reading for July: Three of My Recent Guest Posts

29 Jul 2011 | Blogging

I haven’t written as many guest posts as usual this month, because I was busy with The Blogger’s Guide to Irresistible Ebooks. I really enjoyed writing it, but I’m kinda glad to have it done and out there!

Of course, with ebooks on my mind, there was a pretty obvious theme for my posts…

#1: How to Finish That Ebook You Started Six Months Ago on Write to Done

This one isn’t just for ebook-writers – the tips work for most types of writing project:

A half-written ebook is no good to anyone. It won’t bring you any fame or fortune, and it won’t help your readers either. So make the decision today to finish that ebook and get it out there. You can do it – and I promise you, it’ll be a great feeling.

#2: The One HUGE Ebook Mistake That Kills Your Sales (Before You’ve Even Written a Word) on Daily Blog Tips

Most ebook writers (me included) make this mistake with their first ebook. Want to avoid it? Read this post.

You can’t afford to make assumptions. Do you know what your audience want – or are you just guessing? Have you convinced yourself that your really cool ebook idea is going to work, just because you want to write it?

#3: Flee or Grab: How Do You React to New Technology? on Productive Flourishing

This post might help you understand why I’m watching with interest but holding back from joining Google Plus just yet. 😉

The pace of technological progress, in little more than a decade, is just astounding. The practical differences that it makes in our lives are as if the printing press, the telephone and the radio were all invented within the same decade.


Want More?

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I’m going to end the sale on Thursday 4th August, so if you’re interested, check them out now.


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  1. farouk

    great reads as usual Ali , keep it up
    wish you a great august 🙂

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