I’ve been busy guest-posting again this month, so here’s some extra reading that you might enjoy…

#1: How to Improve Your Writing Skills by Analyzing Structure on Men with Pens

This is a hefty guest post where I dig deep into an ebook and a blog post to demonstrate how to pull apart structures (and why you’d want to!)

Some blog posts, sales pages and ebooks just work. You get absorbed in them. You never get lost or have to read a paragraph twice. Once you’ve finished, you feel like you’ve learned something (yes, even with a sales page).

How do the writers do it? Great structure.

#2: Seven Easy Steps to Much Faster Writing on Write to Done

Often, I get asked how I produce so much content. It’s pretty simple: I write fast! And in this post, I show you how.

If you can write fast (and well), you’re set for success.

You’ll be able to pump out blog posts, newsletter content, free ebooks and more – without killing yourself in the process. You’ll be able to meet deadlines. You can price by the project, and make a great hourly rate.

#3: Why There’ll Never Be a Perfect Time to Write on Daily Writing Tips

Are you waiting for the “perfect” time to start your novel or launch your blog? Here’s why that time’s never going to come…

There are an awful lot of activities that feel much easier than writing. Doing the housework. “Networking” on Twitter. Making a coffee. Sure, you’ll have the occasional day when you’re filled with inspiration and you can’t wait to get to the keyboard. But those days are pretty rare.

#4: Play to Your Strengths on Productive Flourishing

Whatever stage you’re at with your writing, your business or your life, you’ve got certain strengths that can propel you forwards. Are you using them?

Sometimes, you’ll have known what you’re great at for years. I’ve known since I was about 13 that I could write well and write fast. (Unsurprisingly, I’m a writer…)

Other times, though, your strengths will surprise you. Something that you thought was a weakness will reveal itself in a new light.

 #5: Use the Right Word and Establish a Connection With Your Reader on The Connection Revolution

This post explains how to make your readers feel safe and connected by using language that will resonate with them. I look at emails and at online content more generally.

Some people write chatty, friendly emails; others prefer to be concise and get straight to the point. You might naturally tend towards one or the other – but when you’re communicating with someone, consider adapting to suit their style.

Hope you enjoy reading these guest posts; as ever, if there’s a particular topic you’d like me to cover on Aliventures or in a guest post, just let me know!

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