[guestpost]This Twitter party happened a while ago now! If you’re interested in help with sales pages, I suggest checking out Naomi Dunford’s handy Marketing Templates (which include lots of nifty tips for sales page layouts and content).

Or, stick around here on Aliventures for weekly posts covering the art, craft and business of writing.[/guestpost]

The wonderful Karl Staib from PartyBizConnect is throwing an awesome Sales Pages That Actually Sell party this Wednesday … and I’m gonna be part of it. :-)

I’d love you to come along (consider this an official invite!)

Karl is hosting, and I’ll be hanging out and talking … along with Amy of Harrisonamy CopywritingMegan ofIdeaschemaRachael of Brand Harmony Studio,  and Sue of SAGE Editing and Research.

This is a virtual party – so wherever you are in the world, you can attend. (You’ll have to bring your own booze, though…)

During the party, you can:

  • Phone in and listen to the five of us talk about sales pages
  • Ask any questions that you’ve got, via Twitter
  • Have the chance to win lots of prizes (including my two Blogger’s Guide ebooks, and coaching sessions with me)

It’s going to be a lot of fun, and useful. And, of course, totally free!

The party kicks off at 8pm ET (Eastern Time) on Wednesday 29th, and will run for about an hour.

(Yes, that means it’ll start at 1am here in the UK for me and Amy… hope you admire our dedication ;-) )

Head on over to the party sign-up page to get all the details, and to let us know that you’re planning to be there. See you on Wednesday!


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