Writing Inspiration: Six Mini-Cards to Get You Thinking



Look what I made!

(Thanks to moo.com.)

These are mini-cards, half the size of regular business cards. I’ll be handing these out at BlogWorld New York next week, but if you canโ€™t make it to BlogWorld, I hope you enjoy looking at them here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Iโ€™d love to hear which one(s) you like best: pop a comment below to tell me. Or, if you have any of your own ideas along similar lines, feel free to share those too!


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20 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration: Six Mini-Cards to Get You Thinking

  1. My favorites are the last two:
    “You don’t find time to write. You make time.” and “To write faster: Plan first. Set a timer. Edit later.”

    I found that my writing speed increased dramatically (even though it is still extremely slow as you know) when I decided to just spew stream-of-consciousness material out onto the screen without thought for even spelling, grammar or even complete phrases or sentences at times.

    Basically the idea was to type as fast as I could think, with no care for word limit. Starting point is inspiration and then the writing was either to flesh it out or to discover if there was a point at all to make. Many times, there wasn’t… but until I brain dumped, I wouldn’t have known.

    Strangely, even brain dumping therefore can sound like a waste of time, as not every dump results in a useable post, I feel that the act of just getting the thoughts out, however incomplete, as a discipline just helped.

    Is it the same for you Ali?
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    • Thanks, Silver!

      For me, writing is a thinking process… today, I wrote out 2,400 words for my BlogWorld session next week (despite the fact I won’t use those words — I’ll reduce them to notes, and then just use the slides I made). I’m a more disciplined thinker when I write instead of just gazing into space, though! Sounds like your process is similar?

      • Yeah that sounds about right.

        Julia Cameron was right, getting it out onto the page is the key. Keeping it in the head just keeps it in a near unusable ephemeral form.

        Can’t mold smoke into gold. LOL.

    • I’d agree with the “…set timer…” choice. I’m drawn to the two cards with the word “plan” in them. As a seat-of-the-pants writer, I find planning a weaker discipline for me, yet I’m recognizing the important of organizing and directing my thoughts before hitting the keyboard.

      • Thanks Carole, and TNeal. My talk at BlogWorld is on editing, so that was coming through as a theme a bit … and I firmly believe that good planning means much less editing!

  2. I love cards from Moo! I’ve never tried the minis, but my business cards are from there. My favorite is “plan, write, edit, publish, repeat”.

    • That was the first one I came up with — glad you like it, Yoneco! ๐Ÿ™‚ Moo are awesome, aren’t they? All my business cards are from them. Thinking of making stickers in the future..!

    • Thanks Donna! They were really easy to make (you basically just type in the text, choose a font, and choose a background pattern & colour — if I can do it, anyone can..!)

  3. I think you should think about actually printing them (maybe actually business-card sized, for older eyes?) I would definitely buy the set to post on my wall for inspiration!
    ~ Sandee

    • I never thought of people wanting to buy them, Sandee! I think that’s possible through Moo, but only in quite large sets (50 cards or more). Will have a think about how I might be able to provide them… thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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