My Two Big Writing Projects for 2012


Back at the start of January, I asked you about your writing goals for 2012 – and I promised that I’d talk about mine.

Last week, I was able to reveal one of my two big projects for the year: Writers’ Huddle, a community and teaching site for writers. It’s not solely a writing project – there’s audio and video content involved too – but the joys and challenges of those are definitely going to give me some extra blogging material…

Announcing: My Book Deal!

And this week, I’m really excited to be able to tell you about my other big project: I’m writing a book for Wiley’s For Dummies series, provisionally titled Publishing e-Books for Dummies.

You’ve probably come across the For Dummies books in a local bookshop or library in the past: they’re large, square-ish books with distinctive black and yellow jackets:

 (This is the excellent “Online Community Management for Dummies” by Deb Ng.)

I’m sure you can appreciate how very happy I was to sign a contract with a publisher (and how proud my mum is ;-)).

The book is scheduled to come out in September, so I’ve got tight deadlines for drafting the different sections: if I’m slow to respond to emails or if all goes quiet on Aliventures for a while, I’m probably typing away furiously.

And switching back to project #1 …

The Writers’ Huddle forums are already buzzing with activity, and there’s a lovely sense of community and fun there. If you’d like to join, you’ve got until January 31st – but the sooner you come on board, the sooner you can benefit from the mini-courses, the free ebook, and the interaction in the forums with me and with other writers.

Just click here to read all the details about Writers’ Huddle.


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22 thoughts on “My Two Big Writing Projects for 2012

  1. Ali,

    Once upon a time, I gazed into my crystal ball like a gypsy and read what it contained. Magically, the crystal ball told me that Ali will write a book one day and get it published too. What I witnessed that day has come true and more success awaits you. It is just a matter of time now before other events start to occur in your life. We always knew you had it in you and you could do it. You have a support system in us. So, reach for the stars. And shine.

    • Thank you, Archie! I appreciate all your support and encouragement 🙂 And yep, I’m hoping this’ll be a stepping stone to even bigger things (though it’s pretty exciting in itself!)

  2. Yes, Writers’ Huddle is buzzing. Lots of pleasant and helpful back and forth, kind of like walking into a room where there’s a party going on and everyone’s glad to meet you.

    I’ve gotten some really helpful feedback on my About page already, and I only put it up yesterday! It re-confirmed to me how instructive it is to have other writers read your words and then tell you their reactions.

    I hope can find enough time for that 2nd novel too!
    Bill Polm’s last blog post ..Are you Asking Enough Questions about your Scenes?

    • Yeah, I feel like I should post *my* About page for critique…

      Thanks for helping turn the Huddle into a community, Bill; it’s been lovely to see the interaction from you and other members there. Can’t believe we’ve gone over 150 posts in less than a week!

  3. Hi,
    Sorry that my first comment isn’t favorable, but that’s life, right? I read your blog to get something for *me* This post IMHO is a lost opportunity to reach out and explain why I need to read your book. I’m glad your mother is proud, but that doesn’t pay the bills, right?

    • Thanks for the feedback! Since the book isn’t out yet, telling you why you should read it wouldn’t benefit you much…

      A lot of readers have asked me what I’m up to, and I wanted to share the news. As you can see, most people are excited for me. 🙂

    • Cheers, Carole! 😀 I’ve been reading Online Communities for Dummies (the one I snagged a pic of for the post) — although I’m really not the core target audience, I still found it very useful.

    • Thanks Zac! I should’ve been a bit clearer in the post — I’ve only just started work on the book (I’ve written the table of contents and one chapter ;-)) so it’s not going to be out for a while yet. It’s scheduled for September, so hopefully everything will stay on track for then. 🙂

    • Thanks Deborah! Yeh, September is the scheduled publication month … once I have a firm date, I’ll be letting everyone know, but that might be a little while yet. 🙂

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