Imagining the Perfect Writing Space … and Announcing Writers’ Cafe

13 May 2024 | News

What does your perfect writing space look like?

In my mind’s eye, I picture a welcoming cafe, where there are lots of little nooks to sit and write or think undisturbed. Along with those, there are a couple of big tables to gather with other writers and workshop or simply talk about the ups and downs of the writing life.

This cafe would be a place where the outside world can be put on “pause” for an hour or two. A creative haven for writers, whatever they were working on, and whatever stage they were at.

While creating a real-world cafe is sadly beyond my means, I’ve used this vision to inspire Writers’ Cafe, my new online community for writers.

The Cafe offers:

  • Weekly writing hours – we get together, tell each other what we’re planning to write … then write! This is such a great way to stay accountable and to carve out space in your week for your writing. We have three writing hours each week: come to as many as you like.
  • Weekly prompts to tackle – these are designed to be flexible enough that you can use them for different kinds of writing (e.g. a short story, blog post, novel in progress, poem…)
  • Weekly check-ins – stay on track by telling us how your writing’s going and what you’re planning for the week ahead. We’re always kind and encouraging, but we’re also here to gently hold you accountable and help you achieve your writing goals.
  • Opportunities for feedback – one of the best ways to improve as a writer is to get direct, specific feedback on a piece of work in progress. We do this in a supportive, positive way, but also with an eye to making your work the very best it can be.
  • Regular Q&As – each week, I record a Q&A to answer any writing questions you have. Anything goes, whether it’s about the nuts and bolts of punctuating dialogue or big picture questions like finding and committing to an idea for a novel.

Writer’s Cafe is normally $10/month. If you join before Friday 24th May, you get your first month half-price using the coupon code EARLYBIRD.

Join Now – $5 for your first month, then $10/month

Or if you prefer to pay in GBP…

Join Now – £4 for your first month, then £8/month

Turn Your Writing Dreams into Reality in the Writers’ Cafe

Writer’s Cafe might be virtual … but what you can accomplish there is very real.

As a member of the Cafe, you’ll have our full support with your writing goals.

If you want to write your first short story this month … we’re here to cheer you on (and to offer feedback, if you like).

If you’re finally starting that novel you’ve been dreaming of for a decade … we’re here to celebrate as you take the plunge (and to pop open the virtual champagne when you reach “The End”.)

If your writing project has stalled and you feel like your energy is at rock-bottom … we’re here to give you a jumpstart.

If you aren’t quite sure what you want to write (but you know you do want to write!) … we’re here alongside you while you explore different ideas.

You can find out all about what’s included in Writers’ Cafe here – or if you just want to dive in and give it a try, I’m currently offering the first month half-price for just $5  (£4).

You can leave at any time and there’s a full money-back guarantee during your first month if you join then decide the Cafe isn’t right for you.

Use the coupon code EARLYBIRD for your discount.

Join Now – $5 for your first month, then $10/month

Or if you prefer to pay in GBP…

Join Now – £4 for your first month, then £8/month

I hope to see you in the Cafe!


I’m Ali Luke, and I live in Leeds in the UK with my husband and two children.

Aliventures is where I help you master the art, craft and business of writing.

My Novels

My contemporary fantasy trilogy is available from Amazon. The books follow on from one another, so read Lycopolis first.

You can buy them all from Amazon, or read them FREE in Kindle Unlimited.


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