Do you need a professional writer to help out on your blog? In a world where “content is king”, I can help you take your blog to the next level.

I’m on the staff of a number of popular blogs that fall broadly into the personal development / self-improvement field. These include:

My standard prices for blog posts are as follows – note that these do not include extensive research, promotion of posts or regular monitoring of comments:

Post length Price Batch price
Under 400 words $50 $45
400 – 700 words $60 $55
700 – 1000 words $70 $65

The “batch price” applies if you want four or more posts in total – these can be spread over a period of time, so you could have one post a week for four weeks, for instance.

If you’re interested in hiring me, feel free to drop me a line to ask any questions (

Blog Writing: Advice and Coaching

Perhaps hiring a professional writer won’t take you closer to your goals: you might have a blog that’s based around your personal brand, or you might just be keen to do it yourself.

If you’d like one-to-one support in developing and improving your blog and your writing style, read on, as I’m offering advice and coaching at a temporarily low price:

For just $49, I’ll give you a detailed critique of one blog post (up to 1000 words): this isn’t limited to just fixing dodgy grammar, spotting typos but also includes advice on structure, clarity and hooking the reader’s interest.

Or, for $99, I’ll do the same for three blog posts.

If you want the best value, though, for $149 you get an advice and coaching package that includes:

  • An overall appraisal of your blog with suggestions for general, design and usability changes, including screenshots where appropriate
  • A detailed critique of three blog posts (up to 1000 words each), including suggestions for specific changes as well as highlighting overall points for improvement – you’re welcome to send me draft posts rather than published ones for this
  • Helping you set goals and time-bound targets for your blog, and keeping you accountable afterwards.
  • FREE bonus: “Post Templates” and “Sample Headlines” – two popular handouts taken from my Staff Blogging Course

You could easily spend your money buying ebooks and taking e-courses that teach you what you already know, or which give you tips that are too vague or general to implement: why not spend it on direct help and support instead?

Note that I don’t currently offer coaching or advice by phone.


I am an experienced professional blogger, writing regularly for a number of large sites such as Dumb Little Man, Pick the Brain and Diet Blog. I am also the author of a very well-received course on staff blogging.

I have an English BA from Cambridge University and am currently studying for a Creative Writing MA at Goldsmiths College, London.

I worked in “user support, testing and documentation” for an IT company producing web-based software, where I was trained on web usability and design issues.