Another Baby On the Way (And What This Means for Aliventures)

5 Jun 2014 | Life

2nd-baby-two-500Well, the title and photo probably gave the news away. 😉

My husband Paul and I are expecting our second baby in December, a little brother or sister to Kitty (who turned one in March).

This is really exciting for us; right from the start, we wanted to have two children close together, and we’re thrilled that everything has gone so smoothly. Kitty loves babies and dolls, and we know she’ll be a very proud big sister by the end of the year.

What This Means for Aliventures

For now, nothing’s going to change: I’ll still be blogging here (though as you might have noticed, I’ve been posting a bit less frequently recently).

In the autumn, I’ll be taking off on maternity leave for a while. I’ve not set exact dates yet, but I’ll keep you posted. So the Aliventures blog will fall silent for a few months while I focus on being a mum to Kitty and to the new baby. The newsletter will also be on hiatus, though again, that’s running as normal until the autumn.

Writing services: As you might guess, I’m no longer on any new clients – in fact, my client list has been totally full for several months now. If you’re looking for a writer/editor, though, please do get in touch and I’ll hopefully be able to recommend someone who’ll be a good fit for you.

Writers’ Huddle: My community/teaching site, Writers’ Huddle, will continue to take new members until I go on maternity leave, and there’ll be a new seminar each month while I’m away. There’ll be someone around to take care of members during my leave, so if you’re in the Huddle, don’t worry about losing your password / having a PayPal glitch / etc … you won’t be on your own! I’ll be posting in the Huddle forums shortly to let you know a bit more about the arrangements while I’m away.

I hope you’ll stick around on the Aliventures blog, as I’ve got plenty of posts I want to write for you over the next few months. 🙂 Thanks so much for being a loyal reader, and for your support.


I’m Ali Luke, and I live in Leeds in the UK with my husband and two children.

Aliventures is where I help you master the art, craft and business of writing.

My Novels

My contemporary fantasy trilogy is available from Amazon. The books follow on from one another, so read Lycopolis first.

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  1. dave

    Let me be the first to say congratulations! Hope you will maintain blogging as you say and wish you the best of luck and a healthy baby!
    dave’s last blog post ..Monthly Growth Report – May 2014

  2. Elizabeth

    Congratulations, Ali! We’ll be here when you return. 😉

  3. Daniel Rocha

    Congratulations, Ali!

    Do you know Clarice Lispector? She used to write with a type machine up her legs and take care of her babies playing around. What means: there are no boundaries when we really want to write…:)

    By the way: I’m still writing my novel (in English, the title would be “Piano for Little Claire) since the last Nanowrimo, one chapter each day in my blog. 🙂

    All best and, once more, congratulations,

    From your brazilian friend,

    Daniel Rocha
    Daniel Rocha’s last blog post ..Piano Para Pequena Clara – Dia 104

    • Ali

      Good for Clarice …! Kitty wants to climb on my lap and hit the keyboard whenever I’m at the computer, which isn’t great for my writing. Maybe a typewriter would look less exciting to her!

      That’s brilliant to hear you’re making such steady progress with your novel. Well done. 🙂

  4. Bridges Stevenson

    Awesome. I haven’t even read the post yet. I’m so happy for you guys. God bless your family and I’ll be sure to throw some prayers up for you. Yay!

  5. Jonathan Westwood

    Many congratulations!

  6. Ali

    Thanks for all the congratulations, everyone! 🙂

  7. mini

    Hi ali many congrats for the wonderful news! U r my inspiration not to give up my desire to write, thnx fr ur newsletters n words of encouragement. Ur letters always remind me tht I should nt give up on myself.

    • Ali

      Thank you! And please do keep going and don’t give up — I know the writing life can be really tough at times, but it’s absolutely worth persevering.

  8. Paul Lamb

    Hi Ali
    Thats really great news, congratulations. I look forward to the updates 🙂

    By the way, sorry I haven’t contacted you recently, I’ve now left TNT and now getting my feet under a new desk, as well as finishing my new book (I’ll send you a copy when completed, as I owe you one!)

    I’ll be in touch soon. In the meantime, all the best to Paul and yourself.
    Take Care

    • Ali

      Thanks so much, Paul — hope all’s going well for you, and I very much look forward to seeing the book. 🙂

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