Help with Getting Started in Freelance Writing

When you’re looking to get started in freelance writing, there’s a ton of information out there and it can all seem a little overwhelming at times.

I’m afraid I can’t offer individual help and support to new freelancers by email: I simply get too many requests. I’m always happy to address broad topics / questions on the Aliventures blog or newsletter, though.

Here are some of my favourite resources to help you get started, or take your next steps, in the world of freelancing:


Make a Living Writing by Carol Tice – I especially recommend her free ebook, 100+ Freelance Writing Questions Answered

The Write Life – this blog has posts from lots of different authors, covering a wide range of topics; I write regularly for them and you can find my posts on The Write Life here

Copyblogger if you’re interested in copywriting or writing online content, there’s a wealth of great advice here


Specific Blog Posts on Aliventures:

Freelance Writing: Ten Steps, Tons of Resources – if you’re not sure how to get started freelancing, this post takes you step-by-step through what to do

How I Make a Living as an Online Writers (And How You Could Too) – this post covers freelancing plus other ways to make money writing online

The Four Essential Qualities You Need for Freelance Writing Success – if you’re not sure if you have what it takes to be a freelancer, this post should help you develop the qualities you need

Three Things to Do Before You Start Freelance Writing … and Three Things Not to Bother With – this is a beginner-friendly post that explains what you (ideally) need to get in place before you begin freelancing


Ebook about Freelancing:

The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing – if you’re a blogger or want to write for blogs, this is the book for you; I updated it in 2017 with lots of new links and examples (quick tip: join my newsletter to get a discount code for 35% off the cover price!)



I wish you the very best of luck on your freelancing journey.