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This page is your handy one-stop reference, so you know where to find everything and you’ve got a clear idea of what’s coming up. During the course, we’re going to be covering four key types of post:

  • How-to posts – which teach readers to accomplish a specific task
  • List posts – which offer a number of different ideas, tips or techniques
  • Link posts – which provide a round-up of interesting articles/books in your niche
  • Review posts – which let readers know what’s worth buying (and earn you some commission too)

The focus of the course is on getting you to plan, write and publish posts on your own blog. Each of the four modules is split into short lessons which take you step-by-step through writing a specific post.

Course Contents

You can find links to all the Blog On materials here on the contents page. If you ever get lost or can’t find a particular module or lesson, that’s your first port of call. (And if you’re still stuck, just contact me.)


Assignments (core modules only)

There’s an assignment listed at the end of nearly every lesson, except for the final lesson in each module. You can also find a checklist of all the assignments (with links to the lessons) here:

Blog On: Assignments Checklist

You can tackle the assignments as slowly or quickly as you want. I recommend aiming to complete one assignment every two weeks.


Blog On was designed to have a strong interactive element. Since you’re taking the course as part of a group, I highly recommend organising a way of sharing your progress on a weekly basis: this could be as simple as sending round an email with a link to your new post or updated page.

Contacting Me

If you need to get in touch, you can contact me privately using the Blog On contact form, so that your message gets top priority in my inbox.


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