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Start Freelancing

Six week course, runs Mon 4th Nov – Sun 15th Dec

Start Freelancing begins on Monday 4th November and runs for six weeks. It’s a practical, hands-on course that’s suitable for brand new freelancers and for those with a bit of experience.


All courses run for six weeks, with a further four week support period.

If you’re interested in a course that isn’t currently open, scroll down to join the waiting list: you’ll be the first to hear when I’m about to run it again.

The course fee includes everything: six modules, released weekly, plus four weeks of support after the course ends.

On Track costs $30; Start Freelancing and Freelance Confidence each cost $60, as the modules for those are longer and more in-depth.

Would you like to make money from your writing? Freelancing is a fantastic way to do so: it’s much faster than relying on book sales, or advertising income from a blog. This beginner-friendly course will help you make a great start.

Have you stalled on a big writing project, like a book or blog? On Track will help you get going again. Whatever sort of writing you do, and however far (or not!) you’ve got with your work-in-progress, you’re welcome to join us.

Are you looking to go further with your freelancing? This in-depth course covers finding and handling clients, marketing yourself (painlessly!), raising your rates, and tackling common freelancing problems.

What You’ll Get


Hands-on text based modules

All the courses have a strongly practical focus, with no filler or fluff. The course materials are mainly written text, rather than video, as I find that’s the format most writers prefer.


Occasional videos where appropriate

Several of the courses use occasional video content where appropriate (e.g. to show you the process of setting up a domain name). All videos come with a summary of instructions though.


Check-ins and reward cards

Each course includes an optional weekly “check-in” to help you make steady progress. Check-in on time (via email or Facebook), and you’ll get a stamp on your reward card.


Dedicated Facebook group for help and support

Chat with others taking the course alongside you, and get direct support from me. I’m friendly and encouraging and I’m always happy to cheer you on, commiserate, or answer questions!

What Past Members Say

It has been a rewarding experience for me, though challenging, as it’s all so new to me. The feedback has really helped me personally. As far as course content – it’s brilliant what ever stage people are at and it’s good to be accountable as it keeps us working. You are always there for support, even by email and you have been a great help to me personally – especially when I was pulling my hair out over WP etc … you Ali Luke are a special person!

Angela Linney

Blog On (Spring 2018) member

I’ve been a journalist for the past 15 years and while I’m quite disciplined when it comes to my work, I tend to procrastinate with regards to my personal writing projects. Joining the On Track Writing Course has kept me, well, on track! It has provided an easy writing structure that I can follow and made me more accountable. In fact, after I finished the two-month course, I managed to finish two pillar posts for my travel blog and the second draft for my thesis proposal.

Prime Sarmiento

On Track member

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Would you like to make money from your writing? Start Freelancing guides you through the process of starting out as a freelance writer, with practical guidance and lots of support along the way.

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