Turn in Your List Post

Remember, if you want an entry into the prize draw, the deadline for turning in your post is Sunday 26th June at 23:59 (PST).

To turn in your published list post, just leave a comment with the link to it. If you want, you can include the title or a brief description of your post (to encourage other members to check it out).

Make sure you fill out the “email” field with the email address that you used to register for Blog On, so I can match your post up with you and ensure that you get your prize draw entry!

If your blog isn’t online yet, you can either:

  • Upload your post to Google Docs and share the link to your document with the group (you can find out how here, thanks to Maria’s how-to post: How to Collaborate Using Google Docs)
  • Email your post to me (either as an attachment or in the body of your email, I don’t mind!)

Critiques / Feedback

I’ll be critiquing two of the posts (chosen at random!) on Monday 27th June as part of the Group Update.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to provide any individual feedback on any other posts … so I strongly encourage you to find a Blog On “buddy” who you can swap your post with. (Feel free to ask in the comments for someone to pair up with.)

I know it can be quite daunting to give feedback on someone else’s posts, so here are a few things to look out for:

  • Does the title work well? Is it interesting and did it let you know what to expect from the post?
  • Does the post have a strong introduction, main body and conclusion?
  • Is the writing clear, or is it confusing in places?
  • Did you spot any minor mistakes or typos that the author might want to correct?

When you’re giving feedback, try to find two – three positive things to say (e.g. “The title was really strong and compelling” or “The way you used bold text made it very easy to see the key points”) and two – three suggestions for additions or changes (e.g. “You might want to expand the third item a bit more” or “I think there’s a typo in the final paragraph”).

Just pop a comment below with your URL (and, optionally, the title) to turn in your post: