The Quotable Coach: A Daily Dose of Inspiration and Motivation


First, a bit of Aliventures (and Ali!) history…

Back in 2008, when I started blogging and freelancing, I got into personal development writing. I began blogging at Dumb Little Man and Pick the Brain (and have been a regular on those sites ever since).

When I started the Aliventures blog in 2009, it focused on “life and writing.” My earlier posts tackled personal development topics – then, in 2010, I shifted to focus on writing, blogging, and self-publishing.

But… if you came to Aliventures through my posts on Pick the Brain or Dumb Little Man, I’m pretty confident that you’ve got an interest in personal development. And I’m aware that Aliventures doesn’t really serve that interest any more.

That’s why I want to tell you about one of my client’s projects.

For more than a year now, I’ve been working with Barry Demp, an amazing business coach from Troy, Michigan. I get on really well with all my clients, but I particularly enjoy working with Barry – he’s a very lovely, and very intelligent, guy.

Over the past few months, Barry and I have been busy with a new project, The Quotable Coach.

Every day, Mon – Fri, we sent out a quote, plus a short commentary and exercise, by email. The quotes aim to be thought-provoking – an inspiring and motivating start to the day … but we also keep the emails short, so that they can be read in under a minute.

If you’d like a quick, positive, inspiring email in your inbox every morning, head on over to The Quotable Coach now and pop your name and email address in the sidebar.

You can also see the archive of quotes-so-far on the website – we post the quotes to the site a week after sending them out by email.

I’d love to hear what you think about The Quotable Coach (as would Barry!) so, if you do join up, please pop a comment below or drop me an email to let me know what you like – and what you might want us to do differently.

Thanks for commenting! I read all comments, and reply to as many as I can. Please keep the discussion constructive and friendly. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “The Quotable Coach: A Daily Dose of Inspiration and Motivation

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! And thanks so much for signing up and for sharing — that’s very much appreciated. 🙂 Yes, we wanted the emails to be the focus, but also wanted people to be able to refer back to quotes easily … glad you like the way we set it up. (It took a bit of thought!)

    • Thanks, Bill! We did try the water … can’t say I was too enamoured of it. Spent plenty of time bathing it it though!

      And yep, an ebook may well be on the horizon… 🙂

  1. just connected via Facebook and Twitter. what a fabulous idea. I might be reaching out to you and Barry soon about an opportunity to share what you’re doing with my subscribers. I’m sure they’ll love this

    all the best with this new venture, Ali

    Kola’s last blog post ..Don’t Worry about Being Yourself

    • Thanks, Kola! Feel free to drop me a line any time ( — I’ll be happy to pass on any opportunities to Barry. (He’s currently on vacation but will be back soon.)

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