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eCover Software Pro does one thing and does it well: it lets you turn a “flat” graphic into a 3D one. This is easier to show than explain, so see right for my “before” and “after” pics…

(Note: this software doesn’t work on Macs.)


Great value at $27. That’s less than I charge for an hour of my time – and it would’ve taken me hours to produce anything remotely similar to the 3D covers I’ve made using eCover Software Pro.

What’s included

The software lets you create images of products that you can use for your downloadable goods (from software to ebooks to audio programs).

There are twenty eight different templates, including:

  • Traditional book covers
  • Ring-bound book covers
  • CDs and software-style boxes
  • Images for membership cards, an iPod and a mobile phone


As well as the software itself, you get three freebies:

  • Graphical Opt-In Box Collection (graphics to encourage newsletter sign-ups, etc)
  • Big Shiny Buttons (several sets of buttons with transparent backgrounds, various other icons)
  • Web 2.0 Minisite Templates (for creating sales pages, one time offers, niche sites)

There’s also a training video (you get emailed the link to this) which explains in detail how the software works.

Good stuff

When I was looking around for software to create ebook covers, I was somewhat unimpressed by the quality of the images on a few sites. The sharp, smart images on the eCover Software Pro sales page were a striking contrast … and the results I got from the software definitely lived up to this.

I was particularly impressed by the wide range of templates supplied. I’d have been happy to pay $27 just for one basic ebook template – so I was delighted to get 28 different templates.

It was extremely easy to get eCover Software Pro up and running, and the software felt very intuitive: I am not a patient person, and was in a hurry to get my “Quit Your Day Job” cover done when I bought the software. I don’t think I referred to the instructions once, I just dove straight in and started fiddling with the different options!

For $27, I really didn’t expect extras, so they were a great bonus. I’ve not dug into them much yet, but the pack of buttons and icons look gorgeous: as good as the ones I’ve seen on istockphoto. They should save me some money on some future ventures!

Update June 2011: I have indeed been using the buttons and icons now, and they saved me a lot of money and hassle when I was putting together the sales page for my most recent ecourse, Blog On.

Bad stuff

I had one big niggle with eCover Software Pro – that, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to save a cover-in-progress when you’re part way through. You can save the final thing as a jpg, but that’s just a one-file image, rather than an image with the sidebar, front, top, etc that it allows you to change and tweak.

It wasn’t really a problem, since the covers were quick and easy to create in a single session, but it did mean I couldn’t easily stop part-way.

The sales page is a bit salesy for my tastes – this initially made me a little dubious, but my fears were allayed by the quality of the actual product!


This one’s a no-brainer – if you’ve written any sort of electronically-delivered product, click here and grab your copy of eCover Software Pro now!


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20 thoughts on “Review: eCover Software Pro

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  3. Thanks for the info Ali
    You are offering some excellent help here, but I don’t think that software works on a Mac.
    Its still great to just see the process to go through
    thanks again

  4. Thanks for the review, Ali. I’ve been looking for an ecover software myself, but just couldn’t get past the hyped up sales pages. Your review is just what I was looking for!

    Brigid, I’m on a Mac myself but unless I find a good Mac-compatible ecover software, I’ll probably use Bootcamp to run programs like this.

  5. Thanks Lexi, I had to take a deep breath to get past that sales page… I’m sure someone could make money by producing ebook cover software that DIDN’T look sleazy!

  6. Hey Ali,

    Ron here from eCover Software Pro. Yeah, I didn’t write that sales copy but so far it’s doing well 🙂 As you mention in your review, we have lots of image examples on our site, and we believe that’s the real selling factor anyway.

    That being said, our next software release will have a more standard “software website” feel to it. Stay tuned!

    Also, I wanted your readers to know that we just added a new bonus – Easy to Setup Video Optin Templates.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact us at



  7. How awesome of you to come over and comment, thanks Ron! (And I hope I wasn’t overly harsh about your sales page. The images in particular were what sold me – I especially liked it that you had the option to view larger ones.)

    Best of luck with the next release!

  8. Thanks for this info Ali – really useful. Can I just check, do you create the images else where ( and then just make them more ‘ebook like’ in this package or can you create the image within this package too?


  9. Just wanted to reiterate the point others have made. This is a fantastic piece of software. It’s so easy to use, I skipped the instructions. Does exactly what it says on the tin. So…why the need for them to sell it via such a pushy sales page? Red writing, tools to stop you from leaving the site. I almost didn’t buy it! I know they’ve said that they have great sales from that page – I’m sure they do because it’s a good product. BUT if they had a calmer sales page it would sell even better. I just kept thinking: why would they be so desperate to sell this to me if it’s a good product? The photos can sell themselves! No need to be pushy! Anyway, it IS a fantastic product, especially if you’re not at all technical. So, well done to the Ecover software pro creators. Just think they’re shooting themselves in the foot for no reason!