All About Ali and Aliventures


Hello! I’m Ali Luke, and Aliventures is my blog (and the name of my business).

My husband Paul and I live in Leeds with our 4-year-old daughter, Kitty, and 2-year-old son, Nick. I write blog posts, non-fiction ebooks, and fiction: keep reading for more on all of those.

I love writing, but I also love working with writers to help them take their work further. I no longer take on clients for one-to-one mentoring or editorial support, but you can join my teaching/community site Writers’ Huddle. (It only opens to new members a couple of times per year, so add your name to the waiting list on that page if it’s not open right now, and you’ll get access to a couple of seminars for free.)

What’s Aliventures about?

Aliventures covers the art, craft, and business of writing (both fiction and non-fiction). You’ll find specific tips and techniques in posts like The Four Essential Stages of Writing and more motivational content in posts like Eight Secrets Which Writers Won’t Tell You.

I’ve written for quite a few popular blogs like Copyblogger, The Write Life, Write to Done, The Creative Penn, ProBlogger and Daily Blog Tips. I’ve also written for Writers’ Forum magazine.

One of the biggest questions that crops up when I’m working with writers is “How do I find more time for my writing?” If that’s something you’re struggling with, I’ve got a free ebook to help you make time to write: you can find out about it (and a bunch of other freebies) here.

If there’s a particular question, topic or problem you want me to tackle either here on Aliventures or on another blog, just let me know. (Email or use the contact form.)

Writers’ Huddle (teaching / community site)


I share even more in-depth content inside Writers’ Huddle, which is a teaching and community site for writers. It includes self-study e-courses, monthly seminars, lots of extra goodies, and friendly forums where you can chat with me and other members.

Because I spend a lot of time creating content for Writers’ Huddle and interacting with members, there’s a membership fee: $19.99 per month. Some people join just for a month or two, to get access to all the existing content there, but most choose to stay for much longer. (If you do join and decide it’s not for you, your first month’s fee is fully refundable.)

Out of everything I’ve done over the past few years, the Huddle is my favourite project. It’s been wonderful to bring together a group of writers who are keen to learn more, write more, and support one another in the process. The Huddle also allows me to spend lots of time thinking, talking and writing about writing!

If you might be interested in joining us, pop on over to the Writers’ Huddle page, where you can find all the details of everything that’s included with membership. We only open up to new members two or three times per year, so if the virtual doors are currently shut, just pop in your email address on that page to join the waiting list: you’ll get instant access to a couple of seminars plus a free ebook, and I’ll email you as soon as Writers’ Huddle next re-opens.

The Blogger’s Guides

I’m the author of four writing-related ebooks, all aimed at bloggers:

  • The Blogger’s Guide to Effective Writing: advice on all aspects of writing for a blog, covering idea-generation, planning, structuring, editing and much more.
  • The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing: my tried-and-tested tips for making real money blogging, from day one.
  • The Blogger’s Guide to Irresistible Ebooks: everything you need to know to write and sell an ebook, from coming up with a great idea to creating your sales page.
  • The Blogger’s Guide to Loyal Readers: how to get your blog into great shape and attract new readers (who’ll stick around).

You can find out all about these ebooks (and see what other readers had to say) from the Blogger’s Guide websiteYou can also get free samples of all four, and a 35% discount on any/all of them, by joining the Aliventures newsletter.


Want (Free) Help With Your Writing?

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Three Posts to Get You Started

You might like to begin with these posts on Aliventures:

7 Habits of Serious Writers (my most-tweeted post ever)

I’ve been writing, on and off, since my early teens – but it’s only in the last three years that I’ve really taken my writing seriously. It’s made a dramatic difference. I write far, far more. I write better. I finish things – something which, at one point in my writing life, was pretty much unheard of.

Eight Secrets Which Writers Won’t Tell You

A few years ago, I’d look at published writers and think that they were somehow different from me. […] But as I’ve taken more and more steps into the writing world, I’ve realised that my perception just doesn’t match up to the reality. Writers – at all levels – have just the same struggles as you and me.

The Four Essential Stages of Writing

Every finished piece of writing passes through four stages:

  • Planning
  • Drafting
  • Redrafting
  • Editing

For more suggestions on where to start, check out the Start Here page.

I usually publish a new post every Monday on Aliventures, looking at different aspects of writing. I’m always very open to topic suggestions: if there’s a particular question you’d like answered, or a post you’d love me to write, just get in touch.

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