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The weekly emails are short and snappy: I know you don’t want to spend hours in your inbox. They include a short article about a particular aspect of writing/blogging and a Q&A section.

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Your Free Ebooks to Help You Grow Your Blog

Once you’ve entered your email address above, and confirmed that you want to receive my newsletter, you’ll get instant access to a special library of mini-ebooks and ebook samples, including:

Ten Powerful Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Strongerstronger-blog-posts

This ebook covers:

  • Crafting great titles for your blog posts
  • Using compelling images and other design elements
  • Writing powerfully and engagingly to keep readers’ attention
  • Encouraging your readers to respond to your posts

It was first published in 2011, and completely rewritten in 2016.

Ten Easy Ways to Attract Readers to Your Blog … And Keep Them There

This ebook covers:attract-readers

  • Getting your blog into great shape
  • Helping readers to share your content on social networks
  • Drawing in traffic from forum and email signatures
  • Writing guest posts to get new readers

It was first published in 2011, and completely rewritten in 2016.



time-to-write-coverIf you’re really struggling to get any writing done, start with Time to Write. It’s been my most popular mini-ebook for five years … and I’ve just given it a complete overhaul to make it even more useful.

I know how easy it is to read pages and pages of great advice without actually taking action. The whole point of this ebook is to make sure that you carve out some much-needed and much-deserved time for your writing.

I think this e-book was right on spot, I especially like the suggestion on recording my daily activities and see how long it takes to finish. I need to get myself a watch…anyway, I’m glad to be getting weekly newsletters, it’s an awesome decision.

(Allison Law)



When you join the newsletter, you also get free samples of all my premium Blogger’s Guide ebooks:

The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing – Sample Chapters

Exclusive free sample includes:

  • Chapter One: Basics of Staff Blogging
  • Chapter Two: Questions About Staff Blogging Answered
  • Worksheet #1: Your Freelancing Goals
  • Chapter Three: How to Find Great Jobs and Write Great Applications
  • Chapter Four: Guest Post Your Way to Success
  • Chapter Five: Apply On Spec – and Land a Job You’ll Love


The Blogger’s Guide to Effective Writing – Sample Chapters

Exclusive free sample includes:

  • Chapter One: Why Good Writing Matters
  • Chapter Two: Foundations of Effectiveness
  • Chapter Three: Coming Up With Ideas
  • Chapter Four: Writing at Different Stages




The Blogger’s Guide to Irresistible Ebooks – Sample Chapters

Exclusive free sample includes:

  • Chapter One: Find Out Exactly What Your Readers Want to Buy
  • Chapter Two: How to Run a Great Survey and Get Your Readers to Fill It In
  • Chapter Three: Using Your Survey Results to Start Developing Killer Ideas
  • Chapter Four: Creating a Roadmap For Your Ebook So That You Stay On Track



.. ..

The Blogger’s Guide to Loyal Readers – Sample Chapters

Exclusive free sample includes the whole of Part One, “Getting Your Blog Ship-Shape”:

  • Chapter One: Four Quick Fixes for Four Common Issues
  • Chapter Two: The Three Most Crucial Pages on Your Blog
  • Chapter Three: Creating Great Blog Content
  • Chapter Four: Claiming Your Content (Google Authorship)


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Free weekly tips and encouragement, free mini-ebooks, exclusive ebook samples … there’s got to be a catch, right?

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Yes, when I release a product, I’ll let you know – in fact, you’ll get to hear about it before anyone else. Not only that, you’ll normally get a hefty discount and, even better, a free sample that’s only available to the newsletter list.

But I hate shady sales tactics as much as you. I won’t ever send emails about anyone else’s products, and I won’t ever try to hard-sell you on mine. I’ll just make sure that you know what I’m up to, so that if you want to buy an ebook or join an ecourse that I run, you’ll know how to do it – and you’ll get the best possible price.

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I have just read your ebook, thank you very much.  It was the right points I needed.  Getting sidetracked is me, I am the queen of not getting started. I crave most writing sessions, and your book has helped me focus in.

(Rhonda Flack)

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