It’s Friday 20th June, and I’m going to the Winchester Writers’ Conference. I’m due to head off for a train in less than an hour and I’ve not finished packing. I want something to read on my Kindle Fire.

I don’t have much time, so I don’t browse book blogs or ask on Twitter for recommendations. I head straight to Amazon.

Do a couple of my favourite authors have new books out? One does, but I’m waiting for the price to drop. The other’s book isn’t out yet.

I’ll try something new, and cheap. I head to the Kindle Daily Deals and see a bunch of different books.

I skip past the ones that look like romance or thrillers, and pause at Off to Be the Wizard ( / The title makes me think “children’s book” and the design, at teeny-tiny thumbnail size, isn’t hugely clear – it also looks childish.

But I pause long enough to realise that the cover shows old-school computer game style graphics (an impression backed up by the series title, “Magic 2.0″).

That might be my kind of thing.

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If you’ve been an Aliventures reader for a while, you might remember the On Track ecourse I launched back in 2011.

It was one of my favourite projects, and over the past couple of years, it’s only been available to members of Writers’ Huddle, because a couple of other projects (Kitty and the bump) have been keeping me busy.

I’ve been gradually updating On Track, though, and doing some techy things to turn it from an “everyone takes the course all at once” to a “start whenever you like” course … and it’s finally ready. Hurrah!

If you’re bogged down on a writing project, perhaps a novel, blog, non-fiction book, memoir, or even something small like a short story, On Track is designed to get you going again.

Back when I ran this as a group ecourse, with support along the way, it cost $49. Because I no longer have the time to be that involved, I’ve made it totally free (all you need to do is enter your first name and email address to get instant access). You’ve got no excuse not to take it! ;-)

You can get the full details, and join, here.

You’ll get the first week’s module as soon as you begin, then another module each week from then on (you’ll get an email alert to tell you that the module is available, and to give you a quick summary of what you’ll learn that week).

If you’ve got any questions about the course, just pop a comment below, or drop me an email on

Want to find out more or join up right away? Head straight on to the On Track page here.

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Image from Flickr by nic519.

Have you ever thought about – or daydreamed about – turning your writing into a career?

Perhaps you’ve already made some progress (buying a website domain, submitting some pieces), or perhaps it still feels like more of a dream than a plan.

The good news is that it’s probably not as complicated as you think. If you have visions of creating a complicated business plan, or spending hours doing market research, or investing loads of money in expensive courses … forget all that!

There’s really not too much you need to do to start making money as a writer.

I had the pleasure of chatting to Thursday Bram a few weeks ago – she was the June guest speaker for Writers’ Huddle – and one of the things we discussed was what new freelance writers need to do when they’re getting started.

Thursday said, and I agree with her, that the two most important things are to:

  • Get a website set up.
  • Write pieces for your portfolio.

These apply to pretty much every writer – a very simple website is fine initially, unless you’re actually specialising in writing for the web.

Of course, these aren’t likely to be the only two things you do – so I’ve expanded them into seven first steps to take, ideally in this order:

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2nd-baby-two-500Well, the title and photo probably gave the news away. ;-)

My husband Paul and I are expecting our second baby in December, a little brother or sister to Kitty (who turned one in March).

This is really exciting for us; right from the start, we wanted to have two children close together, and we’re thrilled that everything has gone so smoothly. Kitty loves babies and dolls, and we know she’ll be a very proud big sister by the end of the year.

What This Means for Aliventures

For now, nothing’s going to change: I’ll still be blogging here (though as you might have noticed, I’ve been posting a bit less frequently recently).

In the autumn, I’ll be taking off on maternity leave for a while. I’ve not set exact dates yet, but I’ll keep you posted. So the Aliventures blog will fall silent for a few months while I focus on being a mum to Kitty and to the new baby. The newsletter will also be on hiatus, though again, that’s running as normal until the autumn.

Writing services: As you might guess, I’m no longer on any new clients – in fact, my client list has been totally full for several months now. If you’re looking for a writer/editor, though, please do get in touch and I’ll hopefully be able to recommend someone who’ll be a good fit for you.

Writers’ Huddle: My community/teaching site, Writers’ Huddle, will continue to take new members until I go on maternity leave, and there’ll be a new seminar each month while I’m away. There’ll be someone around to take care of members during my leave, so if you’re in the Huddle, don’t worry about losing your password / having a PayPal glitch / etc … you won’t be on your own! I’ll be posting in the Huddle forums shortly to let you know a bit more about the arrangements while I’m away.

I hope you’ll stick around on the Aliventures blog, as I’ve got plenty of posts I want to write for you over the next few months. :-) Thanks so much for being a loyal reader, and for your support.


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