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NOTE: Regain Your Balance is not currently for sale.

You’re faced with a daily struggle to keep your balance.

You’re rushing around between different commitments – work projects, admin, cleaning, cooking, family, friends, promises...

Do you find it hard to ever stop?

Do you have great plans and goals which you can't ever find time for?

Do you find yourself inexplicably upset or angry?

Does life feel like a relentless race, where, every day, you fall a little further behind?

Maybe you’ve started questioning what the point is. Maybe you feel trapped. Maybe you tell yourself that after your vacation, you'll be less stressed. Or after you move house. Or once the kids are in school. You look forward to some perfect day when your life will be spacious, fulfilling and balanced.

Regain Your Balance is an 78 page ebook, with a quick worksheet for each chapter to help you dig straight in so that you can address your most pressing needs.

This is for you if:

Before I take part in any program to improve my life, I'm often a bit apprehensive. Sometimes I'm concerned that the exercises might be too long, or unclear, or just plain unhelpful - and that I'll end up wasting my money - and my time! I've been burned too many times before.

Fortunately, Regain Your Balance is a frankly written, easy to read guide to solving real problems, for real people. Ali clearly lays out step by step how to solve some of your biggest problems in productivity and life balance. Best of all, the exercises are simple, practical and to the point - so you can quickly do them and get results in your life.

Sid Savara,

Contents of Regain Your Balance

(The cute sketches appear in the ebook, along with a handful more, and are thanks to Mike Davenport of - cheers, Mike!)

I've designed Regain Your Balance with six stand-alone chapters so that even if you can only spend fifteen minutes, you can start taking real action to make a clear difference in your life.

Here's a little taster of what's inside...

Chapter 1: Taming Time will help you:

(Want a sneak peak? Download the introduction and Chapter 1 for free.)

Chapter 2: Cultivating Creativity will help you:

Chapter 3: Finding Focus will help you:

Chapter 4: Energising Environment will help you:

Chapter 5: Real Recharging will help you:

Chapter 6: Managing Money will help you:

I loved "Regain Your Balance" and really connected with the content.

When I first looked over the topics, I originally thought they seemed a bit incongruent (Time Management, Creativity and Money?) However, after I started reading, I quickly saw how each was an important component of leading a well-balanced life.

Dustin Riechmann,

Regain Your Balance Extras

Extra #1: I've included a simple two-minute questionnaire at the start of the ebook, so you can tick a few boxes and figure out exactly where to begin.

Extra #2: Special resource guide with the very best blogs, books and software for helping you stay balanced. I’ve even indicated which area of balance each resource applies to.

Extra #3: As well as the gorgeous screen-friendly version of the ebook for easy reading on your computer, you get a plainer printer-friendly version to print, jot notes on it, and carry it around with you (without wasting ink on huge graphics).

Extra #4: Six worksheets in .doc and .pdf formats, so you can fill them in on your screen, or print them.

BONUS:Email me your own questions about balance, and I'll answer them as part of a "Q&A" for all buyers of Regain Your Balance. I'll be compiling this once I have enough questions, so get yours to me quickly before it's full!

We all know how to balance, deep down. But sometimes we fall. Sometimes circumstances knock us sideways. I've learnt how to balance my life, and I want you to regain your balance too.

My Guarantee to You

I know buying an ebook is a big step, and I want it to be as worry-free as possible for you. You can download the introduction and first chapter totally free, to see if this feels right for you. And even if you buy and decide it isn't for you, I'll give you your money back – any time – no strings attached. That's not a 30-day or a 60-day guarantee, that's a lifetime guarantee. Because balance isn't a one-shot trick. It's a lifelong practice.


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