Why Novel Series Are So Popular With Indie Authors … and Readers


Book series – whether trilogies or longer – have been around for a good long while.

They’re especially popular, though, with indie authors (who self-publish their own work), and over the past few years, I’ve seen lots of great indie authors focusing or coming to series writing.

So why are series so popular?

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How to Write a Great Blurb for Your Self-Published Novel [With Examples]


One of the more teeth-pulling tasks of self-publishing a novel is having to write your own blurb (or what Amazon calls a “product description”, and what some people call a “synopsis”).

I spent ages agonising over this when I published Lycopolis, including getting my writing group to take a look at my blurb and offer feedback.

To my surprise, it was really tricky to find advice on writing blurbs. I have a couple of shelves full of writing-related books – but none of them cover blurbs (several deal with the dreaded “synopsis” of the type you send to an agent, but not the type intended to sell books directly to readers).

Happily, I came across Bryan Cohen’s How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis a couple of months ago – more on that, and on my own total-blurb-rewrite in a moment.

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