The Confident Writer Webinar: Thursday 27th April, 8pm – 9pm (UK time)

Do you ever wonder if you should be writing at all?


  • You secretly think you’re not really any good at writing
  • You doubt anyone will ever pay you for what you write
  • You’re afraid of receiving rejections or negative feedback
  • You feel guilty about spending time writing because it seems “self-indulgent”

All of these are problems faced by many, many writers. In fact, I think every writer I know has struggled with at least one of the above worries!

For years, I believed that the main problem most writers face is having enough time to write.

And while I agree that time is a big issue (particularly now I’m a parent to two small children!), it’s very tied up with confidence.

After all, if you feel like your writing’s no good … and you worry you’re never going to make any money from it … and you’re convinced that people will leave you nasty comments or reviews if you do publish … and anyway, you think you’re being self-indulgent just by writing in the first place…

… then it’s not exactly a surprise that you find it hard to make time to write!

This Thursday (27th), I’m running a webinar titled The Confident Writer: Ditching Guilt, Beating Fears, and Making Time to Write.

It’ll cover:

  • Guilt about writing … and guilt about not writing!
  • The underlying problem that “I don’t have time to write” might be masking
  • How to carry on despite common writing fears
  • Practical ways to boost both your confidence AND your time to write
  • Ways to focus when you’re writing (instead of worrying about everything else)
  • Getting support and encouragement with your writing

Date: Thursday 27th April

Time: 8pm – 9pm UK (3pm – 4pm EST; 12 noon – 1pm PST)


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Three All-Too-Common Writing Fears Holding You Back … and How to Beat Them


I never like to admit that I’m afraid.

But as a writer, fear comes with the territory. I don’t think I’ve ever met a writer who wasn’t, at least sometimes, afraid … and for many writers, that fear can block progress.

Here are three very common fears (I’d go as far as to say that every writer experiences these at some point) … and what you can do about them:

  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Negative Feedback
  • Fear of Failure

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Three Types of Self-Confidence That Will Help Your Writing Career (and How to Boost Yours)


What’s holding you back from writing?

A lot of writers say their biggest problem is “finding time” … but I think this often relates to a lack of self-confidence.

Maybe other priorities keep crowding out your writing.

Maybe you feel that there’s not much point writing because it’s so hard to get published.

Maybe you enjoy writing but you secretly worry you’re not very good at it.

All of those problems can show up as “I don’t have time” when really, you don’t need more time so much as you need more confidence.

Self-confidence isn’t about feeling an unshakable (but potentially unwarranted!) certainty that you’re an excellent writer. It’s more about being able to value yourself and your writing, and being able to put your writing out there into the world without feeling unduly anxious about doing so.

As I see it, there are three types of self-confidence that you can develop as a writer:

  • Confidence in your writing itself – the nuts and bolts of the craft
  • Confidence in your ability to get things done – seeing projects through
  • Confidence that your writing is worthwhile – it’s important and it matters

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